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For more than 65 years, Ken-A-Vision Manufacturing, Inc. has created innovative and award-winning educational products for students and teachers around the world.  Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Ken-A-Vision has helped students see more, do more and learn more.

                                             7200HD Digital with Carrying Case
                       Spec Sheet                                                                                       User Manual
  •   HD 1080P color CMOS camera (2048 x 1536)
  •   Carrying case included
  •   Discovery Scope Kit included
  •   Manual focus with Quick Turn Focus
  •   Small, dynamic base with no confusing buttons
  •   Factory-installed USB cable
  •   Rugged and flexible neck
  •   Microscope eyepeice adapter included
  •   Compatible with interactive whiteboards   
  •   Comes with Applied Vision 4 Software ( Windows, Mac and Linux compatible)  
  • Our Part Number: C-KV-7200HD                                                                Our Price...$595.00


                              7600 Digital, Video, S-Video with Carrying Case      

    If you’re looking for the best image when connecting to a microscope, our Video Flex camera offers the perfect solution. Using multiple connectors, it can simultaneously display to a computer, television monitor, and multimedia projector.       
    • Color CCD camera (640 x 480, 500 TV Lines)
    • Discovery Scope Kit included
    • Easy-to-position ball and socket head with manual Quick Turn Focus
    • Button controls for positive/negative, contrast and fluorescent
    • Microscope eyepeice adapter included
    • Rugged and flexible neck
    • Compatible with interactive whiteboards
    • Comes with Applied Vision 4 Software ( Windows, Mac and Linux compatible) 

    Our Part Number: C-KV-7600                                                                            Our Price...$845.00


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