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National Optical is part of the Motic Group and therefore market Moticam products.  Featured below are the seven new and improved Moticam cameras.

Common included accessories: Focusable Lens, C-Ring, Motic 4-dot calibration slide, mini-USB cable, 2 variable diameter eyepiece adapters, macro viewing tube, Motic Images Plus 2.0 software for PC and Mac.


* currently no picture but similar to others

Multi-functional camera with 1080P HDMI live output.  Camera also has a SD card
slot which allows you to save 2.0MP images.  Also 1920 x 1080 USB computer
connection.  Motic Images software.

Our P/N: C-NO-Moticam1080

Our Price....$849.00
Moticam2 (2.0MP)
color, 1/3" CMOS, 12mm focusable
lens.  USB 2.0 cable
Our P/N: C-NO-Moticam2
Our Price...$297.00

Moticam3+ (3.0MP)
color, 1/2" CMOS, 16mm focusable lens.  USB 3.0 cable

Our P/N: C-NO-Moticam3+
Our Price...$594.00          

Moticam5+ (5.0MP)
color, 1/2.5" CMOS, 12mm focusable
lens.  USB 3.0 cable                             

Our P/N: C-NO-Moticam5+

Our Price...$764.00

  Moticam10+ (10MP)
color, 1/2.5" CMOS, 12mm focusable
lens.  USB 3.0 cable

Our P/N: C-NO-Moticam10+

Our Price...$934.00
MoticamX Wireless Digital Camera (1.3MP) able to send live high quality images to your WiFi enabled computer, tablet or cell phone.  Generating its own WiFi signal, the MoticamX lets you stream images to up to 6 devices without the need of a router.  Can also be plugged into computer via USB for conventional use with Motic Images 2.0 software (included).  Each camera has its own S.S.I.D. (network i.d.) so that multiple cameras can be used within close proximity.  1.3MP  (1280 x 1024), 1/3" CMOS, color camera.

Our P/N: C-NO-MoticamX

Our Price...$297.00
MoticamX2 Wireless Digital Camera
Similar to MoticamX above but 2.0MP resolution and Lithium Ion battery and network port.

Out P/N: C-NO-MoticamX2

Our Price....$382.00


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