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Sales & service throughout Ohio and surrounding states since 1987...

Microscope and Mechanical Balance Service...
for High Schools, Middle Schools, Jr. High Schools and Career Centers. On-site service available throughout Ohio and areas of surrounding states.  All makes and brands! 

Description of Microscope Service:
  • Initial inspection and quick operational evaluation.
  • thoroughly clean and disinfect outside frame, stage, illuminator, etc.
  • Clean and polish all objective lenses.
  • Clean and polish eyepiece(s) (inside too if necessary), adjust pointer, if installed.
  • Check for proper coarse and fine focus movement; free up if needed and/or possible.
  • Lubricate focusing mechanisms when required.
  • Make proper adjustments to stage, stage stop and focus knobs (stages drifting out of focus, etc.).
  • Focus on slide and check for proper focus on all objectives and proper microscope operation.
  • Supply and cover with plastic bag (if one is not already available).

We also clean, adjust and repair mechanical balances such as Ohaus Triple Beam, Dial-O-Gram, Cent-O-Gram, etc. 

                                     Important Service Information 

The on-site microscope service described above is charged at a per piece amount that includes all travel costs (including food and lodging if necessary) as long as you meet the minimum quantity based on your location relative to Troy, Ohio.  See below for minimum quantity policy.

Major repairs (excessively time-consuming) and/or replacement parts (eyepiece, objectives, bulbs, etc.) are at additional charge (upon approval). We will not however "knit-pick" and pad your invoice with miscellaneous additional charges for most repairs (if possible) and/or minor parts such as screws, washers, etc. as long as you are servicing all of your microscopes and not just "cherry-picking" the bad ones from your entire collection of microscopes.  Typically, if you know that nothing is physically broken, missing or burned out, there is a very good chance that the base per scope service charge will cover the entire job.

The more specific information that you can provide us prior to your equipment being serviced will help to ensure that we arrive prepared as best possible to complete the job. Information such as equipment make, model, estimated age, specific problems, missing or broken parts can be very helpful. Emailing a few pictures can be worth a thousand words!

                                                   Important Notes!!! - Minimum quantity for on-site service
  • Quoted per unit (microscope/balance) prices for on-site service are based on having a minimum quantity of pieces to be serviced.  If you do not have the minimum quantity to be serviced for your location, you will be charged for the established minimum amount based on your location even if you do actually have that many pieces.  It is necessary that we do this to cover our travel time and expenses.
  • Distances will be calculated using Google Maps “Get Directions”. Use our zip code 45373 and the zip code of your school to find your distance and then hence your minimum quantity required for on-site service. Schools within a district can be combined in one or two locations of close proximity to obtain the minimum number.
  • Minimum quantities are as follows:

                Within a 60 mile radius of 45373:   at least 12 pieces serviced
                Within a 90 mile radius of 45373:   at least 14 pieces serviced
                Within a 120 mile radius of 45373: at least 18 pieces serviced
                Within a 180 mile radius of 45373: at least 24 pieces serviced
                * If you are beyond a 180 mile radius of zip code 45373 we are still interested in your business and will go 
                  anywhere that is economically feasible.  If you are at a school with a large number of microscopes or even a school district
                  that wants to have multiple buildings taken care of, please contact us!

  • Microscopes and balances are sometimes combined from multiple schools within a district to have enough for service.
  • If you do not have the minimum pieces to be serviced for your school location and still want the service, you will be billed for the minimum number times the price per unit service price *plus replacement parts, if needed, upon approval.   Example: Assume that you are 111 miles from 45373 and only have 12 microscopes and 3 mechanical balances (15 pieces).  You would still be charged for 18.
  • This minimum also applies for unrepairable microscopes or balances.  If you cannot meet the minimum number of pieces because we were unable to repair or locate parts for one or more of your microscopes or balances thus causing you to fall below the minimum, you will still be billed for that amount.
  • Travel is expensive, time consuming and sometimes nerve rattling.  Please know that this policy has become necessary to ensure that our costs are covered and so we are able to earn a reasonable return for our efforts.  Thank you very much for your understanding!

***  If you have any questions and/or comments, PLEASE contact Kevin at

Very best regards and happy teaching!


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