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I-U-15864 Unitron LED140 Ring Illuminator (66mm I.D.) with variable control light control, color temperature of 6000° K, 50,000 hour rated bulb life, ESD safe, Produces 4,030 foot candles at 4" working distance, Made in the USA $265.00
 I-U-15859 Unitron LED580 Ring Illuminator (66mm I.D.) 80 LED lights divided into an inner and outer ring.  Each ring contains four segments of light, each of which can be turned on/off or varied by the external control box.  Color temperature 6500º K, Produces 5800 foor candles at 4.5 inch working distance.  Made in the USA. $540.00 
 I-U-15863 Unitron LED580-ESD Ring Illuminator (66mm I.D.) has the same specifications as the LED580 with the addition of being ESD safe.  Made in the USA  $711.00 
 I-U-15852 LED Ring Illuminator, variable intensity, separate power supply, 62mm I.D.  $148.00 
 I-U-15853 LED Ring Illuminator with simple polarizer/analyzer, separate power supply, 70mm I.D.  $196.00 
 I-U-15854 LED Ring Illuminator, variable intensity, sectional light control, 60.5mm I.D.  $165.00 
 I-U-15856 LED Ring Illuminator, variable intensity control knob, 60.5mm I.D.  $148.00 
 I-U-15857 LED Dual Gooseneck 3 watt illuminator, variable light control  $206.00 
 I-U-16116 Unitron LED Gooseneck illuminator, variable light control  $646.00 
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