Dayton Microscope
Sales & service throughout Ohio and surrounding states since 1987...

Providing sales and service of microscopes and associated equipment, primarily but not exclusively to, education and industry throughout most of Ohio and surrounding states.  

Authorized dealer for Accu-Scope, Ken-a-vision, Meiji Techno, National Optical, Swift Optical and Unitron microscopes
Servicing all makes and brands.

   Swift Optical M3601           MoticamX Digital Camera     National Optical 420 Series
Compound Microscope         wireless to 6 devices!             Dissecting Microscope
LED Illumination, carry       Android, Apple, web browser      Affordable classrooom
handle, Swift Warranty!   Also included Motic Images 2.0!    workhorse!

Dayton Microscope has all the microscopes, cameras and expertise needed to upgrade your classroom into the high-tech learning facility that you and your budding scientists deserve!  Contact Kevin for product information, demonstrations and in-service, quotations, specifying, delivery, installation and startup.



       Meiji Techno's complete line of biological microscopes provide excellent value.
      This Japanese manufacturer offers brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast,
       polarization and epi-fluorescence.

Unitron enVision HD 1080P Inspection System with manual/auto focus, integrated LED illumination, image capture via USB port, on-screen menu and functions, optional external controller for even more features.

Swift now offers an 8-inch and a 10-inch tablet that mounts to a trinocular microscope and comes loaded with Motic apps.  It has a 4GB micro-SD card and slot, has standard tablet functionality and produces a Wi-Fi signal to distribute images to other tablets nearby.

        Unitron now offers the Excelis HD digital camera with
        Sony IMX236 sensor, 1920x1080 HDMI and USB out, 
        and with SD card image capture.  Available with optional
        11.6" display with mounting brackets (shown).            
        Simultaneously view live HD images on display and   
        computer via USB. Comes with powerful CaptaVision
        imaging software.

                                           It's a facinating world!

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